Professional Stump Grinding Removal Service

For one, it is an absolute choir doing it yourself. First, you have rent the grinder which can range anywhere between $150 – $250 for half a day depending on where you live and who you rent from. Next, you need a trailer and a truck to haul it. If you don’t have one you then need to rent a truck and trailer for the day. Than you need at LEAST 2 people to load and unload as well as help you do the grinding. These machines are very heavy and often times requires two people, one to operate it and another to spot and maneuver the machine in place. Afterwards, there’s clean-up.

As you can see, the time and money you put into it is significant compared to having us do it in less than half the time at a fraction of the price you’d pay doing it yourself. Plus, you know you’re getting professional results that last.

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