Here at Westland Tree Services, our family-owned operation has the staff, equipment, skills, and experience to meet all of your tree care needs. From arborist to office manager, our team is courteous and professional with a a capital “P”.

So why hire us?

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We provide tree services year round for your convenience. We use only the BEST modern-day equipment to fit your projects needs. We continuously educate ourselves on current trends, technology, science and Arbor culture to give you the most practical an up-to-date professional advice. And our estimates are FREE for whatever services you need completed!

When you call, you’ll receive a warm welcome from our friendly office staff and arrange one of our arborists to meet you on location, typically within 24-48 hours contacting us.

You and your trees deserve the best quality offered by Westland Tree Services. We trim according to the standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) to enhance the aesthetics and overall health of your trees; minimizing risk of potential tree failure for lack of proper care.

Our tree removal process is also up to code. When removing a tree, our first goal is to PROTECT your property from any or further damage. We also carry proof of insurance in the event anything were to go wrong so you are protected under our care.

We’re confident that whatever services you need, we got you covered because we pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence and a job well-done. If you’ve been searching for reliable, licensed and certified arborist in your area, contact us today, we’re just a phone call or email away!

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